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Module 2C is part of the ART Ringing Teacher Accredition scheme.

This module shows new and experienced teachers how to support their students and develop the necessary foundation skills for good ringing and then move forward to ringing changes. 

Event Start Sat 17-Sep-2022 09:30
Event End Sat 17-Sep-2022 17:00
Capacity 9
Available places 0
Registration Closes
Fri 02-Sep-2022 12:00
Event Fee £25 per attendee + local donation for sandwich lunch and refreshments
Event Prerequisites You must be a bell-ringing teacher (or would-be teacher) aged 14 or over.
You must have sufficiently good bell control to be able to inspire confidence in others
You must have the ability to comfortably ring up and down in peal.
You must have rung a quarter peal on an inside bell of Bob Minor standard or above, recorded on Bellboard
Location Holy Trinity, Darlington, Co Durham