What is a mentor?

If you are new to teaching bell ringing, or have been teaching for a while but would appreciate some support, we recommend that a second teacher works alongside you in the tower to shares ideas, offer feedback and help out if needed. This could be a teacher who has already got plenty of teaching experience, or you might like to pair up with another teacher as co-teachers where you work together and support each other.  Having a second person around can be a huge help on a practical level - simply demonstrating a ringing skill or spotting handling issues from a different angle.

After the course, you will start teaching and filling out a log book to record your lessons.  The mentor you are working with will sign off all the teaching tasks so that none are forgotten, or if you're working paired with another teacher or group of teachers, you can sign off each other's books.

If you are attending a Module 1 course, we don't recommend you teach without a more experienced handling teacher present. You will have time to practise teaching bell handling on the course, but it will be on someone who can already ring. Teaching a new ringer is different!

Who is eligible to be a mentor or co-teacher?

So that all the course material makes sense, the ringing teacher you are working with will need to either:

  • attend the course with you
  • have attended the course within the last 2 years
  • already be an accredited Member of ART.

Becoming a mentor

If you're already an experienced teacher you may not need much support yourself.  If you are willing to assist another ringer who is developing their teaching skills, please contact your course Tutor or the ART Administrator.  We would love to hear from you!

Do I need to bring a supporting teacher with me?

If there is another ringer nearby who you enjoy working with and who wants to help you by sharing their experience, or who would like to develop their own teaching skills alongside you, please encourage them to apply for the course too, so that you can pair up and help each other in the tower afterwards.

If you can't find anyone local to come with you, please indicate this when you register for the course, and we will try to help you find someone to work with after the course.