Simulator PCs

A whole day workshop covering the various sensor systems and software available, as well as their use with dumb bells and real bells. Practical sessions explore how simulators can be used in the teaching of foundation skills and method ringing.

Workshop objectives

Half-day introduction
By the end of the half-day introduction each delegate should have an understanding of how simulators work, how to set one up and their general capabilities.

Half-day in-depth options
By the end of a half-day in-depth option each delegate should have a good working knowledge of chosen software package and be sufficiently familiar with it to use it for a variety of exercises with learners in their tower.


All of the simulator workshops use a mix of theory, with demonstrations and opportunities for practical experience.

Workshop content

Half-day introduction
The introductory workshop looks at the various sensor systems and software available, as well as explaining how to overcome common set-up problems. Practical sessions give an overview of the different software packages and an opportunity to experience them.

Half-day in-depth options
Each half-day in-depth workshop focuses on the use of a particular software package (either Abel, Beltower or Virtual Belfry). It looks at how the video features can be used to teach ropesight, and how the striking analysis tools can be used to help improve striking accuracy.

For the practical sessions delegates will work in pairs on a computer ‘workstation’. We start by explaining how to teach people to ring accurate rounds, including counting your place and leading. We then explain how to take them through a step-by-step approach to develop bell control and listening skills. Exercises involving changing speed at handstroke and backstroke are practiced before doing this continuously to plain hunt and progressing on to ringing methods.


Half-day introduction
The introduction workshop is designed for people with little or no knowledge of simulators, who may have a simulator in their tower but are not sure how to get it going, or who may be considering buying and installing one.

Half-day in-depth options
The in-depth workshops are designed for people with a basic understanding of simulators who want to find out more about a particular software package (either Abel, Beltower or Virtual Belfry). They also allow someone familiar with one of the applications to find out more about another. These workshops are open to anyone who is a competent ringer and interested in teaching with the assistance of a simulator.