Band of ringers

A half day workshop aimed at ringers who can already ring touches of Bob Doubles inside confidently and want to learn how to call touches. The workshop combines both theory and practical sessions. 

Workshop objectives

To call touches of Bob Doubles and plan a Quarter Peal of Bob Doubles with the aim of calling a Quarter Peal of Bob Doubles shortly after the workshop.


The workshop comprises two theory sessions:

And two practical sessions:

Workshop content

The workshop delves into:

  • The responsibilities of the conductor
  • Terminology
  • How touches are written out
  • How touches work
  • Where to make the call
  • Calling positions
  • Following touches and calling them on software
  • Calling from any bell
  • Planning a quarter peal


To be able to get the most out of the course and so as not to hold others back, course participants should at a minimum be competent and confident Plain Bob Doubles ringers and have rung at least two quarter peals of Plain Bob Doubles inside. After the workshop you should be able to call a number of different touches of Bob Doubles and should aim to call a quarter peal soon afterwards.