Mentor blackboard

This two hour workshop aims to increase awareness of the mentoring process and help you develop your mentoring skills. There is plenty of opportunity to discuss the various aspects of mentoring and the attributes which make a successful mentor.

Workshop objectives

The objective of the workshop is to provide an opportunity for those who are mentors or who are contemplating becoming mentors to learn more about the mentoring process, to discuss the process and to become more aware of what is involved in mentoring.


Short classroom-based workshop. The style of the workshop is extremely interactive.

Course content

  • The theory of mentoring
  • The types of relationship between mentor and teacher on the ART Training Scheme.
  • The likely duration of the relationship.
  • Understanding differences between teachers and how mentoring will differ because of these.
  • How to modify the mentoring offered depending on the stage of development of the teacher.
  • Assessment in the ART Training Scheme.
  • The role of the ART Assessor.


The workshop is suitable not only for mentors, but for existing ART Teaching Scheme teachers who would like to find out more about mentoring and supporting others who are working towards accreditation.