Ringer reading a teaching book

A full day workshop for all those who want to make a difference - Tower Captains, aspiring Tower Captains, ringing teachers or Tower or Guild officials. Covers stakeholder management, leading the team, good practice and performance. Some theory and lots of discussion.

Workshop objectives

A full day workshop that will develop your awareness of:

  • Public relations - with the local community, within the parish and wider.
  • Building a successful band - teamwork & goals
  • Practical aspects of running a tower
  • Good practice - safeguarding & H&S
  • Performing


Four theory sessions, each followed by extended group discussions and feedback.

Workshop content

  • Stakeholders - Church and community; who, what and how; expectations of new and existing ringers.
  • Leading the Team - Leadership, motivation, roles and delegation, team building, goals, planning & communication.
  • Good Practice - Tower Captain responsibilities, risk management, maintenance, insurance, money & safeguarding.
  • Performance - Purpose, performance vs practice, reward.


Tower Captains, aspiring Tower Captains, Trainers, Tower or Guild officials, and anybody else who might be interested.