ART offers a series of workshops that supplement the ART Training Scheme modules and allow both ringers and teachers to develop new skills.  Each workshop has been developed by a team of experts and is delivered by a subject matter expert.

To reserve a place on one of the workshops, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Delegates on a Module 1 course in a ringing chamber

A half day workshop based in the tower. It's an opportunity to refresh your memory about the ART teaching principles and the various techniques and exercises used in teaching bell handling.

An online workshop sharing good practice and underpinned with real experiences. The objective of the workshop is to develop a recruitment and retention plan for your tower, hub or local area.

A bell chamber with ropes and wheels

A full day workshop combining both theory and practical sessions. It provides an opportunity to learn more about the bells and their fittings, what basic maintenance they need, and when and how minor repairs can be carried out.

Simulator PCs

A whole day workshop covering the various sensor systems and software available, as well as their use with dumb bells and real bells. Practical sessions explore how simulators can be used in the teaching of foundation skills and method ringing.

Group of ringers in a ringing chamber

A full day workshop open to any ringer who would like to improve their striking. The workshop is packed with practical exercises that will help you develop your listening skills and rhythm, leading to a reduced reliance on looking and better striking.

Ringer reading a teaching book

A full day workshop for all those who want to make a difference - Tower Captains, aspiring Tower Captains, ringing teachers or Tower or Guild officials. Covers stakeholder management, leading the team, good practice and performance. Some theory and lots of discussion.

Band of ringers

A half day workshop aimed at ringers who can already ring touches of Bob Doubles inside confidently and want to learn how to call touches. The workshop combines both theory and practical sessions. 

Ringers being conducted

This half day workshop explains how coursing orders can be used to understand how touches work, how standard touches are applicable to other methods, and how the coursing order can be used to check ringing and correct mistakes.

Handbell Ringers

A flexible half day workshop. By the end of the workshop each participant should have a structure to follow, and ideas on how to either support a small group starting to use handbells or have started their own handbell journey.

Mentor blackboard

This two hour workshop aims to increase awareness of the mentoring process and help you develop your mentoring skills. There is plenty of opportunity to discuss the various aspects of mentoring and the attributes which make a successful mentor.