ART croppedConducting Workshop

This half-day workshop explains how coursing orders can be used to understand how touches work, how standard touches are applicable to other methods, and how the coursing order can be used to check ringing and correct mistakes.

Workshop objectives

  • To call touches of Plain Bob Minor and plan a Quarter Peal of Plain Bob Minor with the aim of calling a Quarter Peal of Plain Bob Doubles shortly after the workshop.
  • Be able to understand and use coursing order.


Event Start Sat 02-Nov-2019 10:00
Event End Sat 02-Nov-2019 13:00
Registration Opens Sat 03-Aug-2019 12:00
Available places 14
Registration Closes
Fri 18-Oct-2019 12:00
Event Fee £5 per delegate + £2 tower fees (payable on the day) + £6 Optional buffet lunch (payable on the day, but must be booked at registration)
Location St Margaret, Dunham Massey, Cheshire

A half-day introductory workshop which combines both theory and practical sessions.

You will learn here about the various sensor systems and software available, as well as overcoming common set-up problems.

Practical sessions give an overview of the different applications and an opportunity to experience using them.

Event Start Sat 30-Nov-2019 10:00
Event End Sat 30-Nov-2019 13:00
Registration Opens Fri 30-Aug-2019 12:00
Available places 10
Registration Closes
Fri 15-Nov-2019 12:00
Event Fee £20 per delegate
Location St Mary the Virgin, Marlborough, Wiltshire