Teaching Course - Module 1 - Tewkesbury Abbey, Gloucestershire

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About this course:

Suitable for those who already teach bell handling and want to update their skills AND for those who have never taught anyone to handle a bell, Module 1 provides you with the skills and techniques necessary to take a ringer from their first lesson to having competent bell control.

You will learn through a mixture of practical and classroom sessions:

  • How to teach a skill
  • How to break down bell handling into easy stages that the new ringer can master
  • About different learning types and how to adapt your teaching for them
  • The benefits of intensive teaching

The practical sessions will give you plenty of time to practise your new skills in a safe environment. Working in pairs you will also have opportunity to hone your observation skills and get feedback on your feedback.

Teas and coffees will be available during the day, but delegates are advised to bring along a packed lunch.

This course is now open for general booking.

Event Details

Event Start Sat 29-Apr-2023 09:30
Event End Sat 29-Apr-2023 17:00
Capacity 16
Available places 1
Registration Closes
Fri 14-Apr-2023 12:00
Event Fee £25 per attendee + local donations for teas and coffees.
Event Prerequisites You must be a bell-ringing teacher (or would-be teacher) aged 14 or over.
You must have sufficiently good bell control to be able to inspire confidence in others and an ability to comfortably raise and lower a bell.
Location Abbey Church of St Mary the Virgin, Gloucestershire

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Claire Penny

'I learned to handle a bell as a teenager because I was intrigued, and it was the best ‘after-school’ club on offer. College, and then working in Tennessee where, at the time, they had no bells meant a 5-year hiatus from ringing. It wasn’t until I mentioned in passing at a University evening meeting that I had done some ringing that half an hour later I found myself at a practice night not far from York, and by the end of the evening had remembered how to plain hunt – sort of. My first foray into serious teaching was in 1999 when I became heavily involved in teaching two brand new bands in time to ‘Ring in the Millennium’, and teaching has really been my focus ever since. I find it both challenging and rewarding, and as much a learning experience for me as it is for the person I am teaching. I went on one of the first M1 and then M2 courses at Kineton and became an accredited member of ART in 2013'.

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