Teaching Course - Module 1 - Cotgrave, Nottinghamshire

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About this course:

Suitable for those who already teach bell handling and want to update their skills AND for those who have never taught anyone to handle a bell, Module 1 provides you with the skills and techniques necessary to take a ringer from their first lesson to having competent bell control.

You will learn through a mixture of practical and classroom sessions:

  • How to teach a skill
  • How to break down bell handling into easy stages that the new ringer can master
  • About different learning types and how to adapt your teaching for them
  • The benefits of intensive teaching

The practical sessions will give you plenty of time to practise your new skills in a safe environment. Working in pairs you will also have opportunity to hone your observation skills and get feedback on your feedback.

 Delegates are advised to bring refreshments and a packed lunch on the day, or make their own arrangements for lunch at a pub or cafe. Please note, the lunch break is limited to one hour, so if visiting a busy pub, it may be worth pre-ordering meals so that they can be served promptly.

This course is now open for general bookings.

Event Details

Event Start Sat 14-Oct-2023 09:15
Event End Sat 14-Oct-2023 16:30
Capacity 8
Available places 1
Registration Closes
Sun 01-Oct-2023 12:00
Event Fee £25 per attendee + £5 local donation for refreshments (teas and coffees)
Event Prerequisites You must be a bell-ringing teacher (or would-be teacher) aged 14 or over.
You must have sufficiently good bell control to be able to inspire confidence in others and an ability to comfortably raise and lower a bell.
We expect that you should easily be able to pass the Learning the Ropes Level 2 handling assessment. For more information, see bellringing.org/about-teaching/bell-handling/#GoodHandlingStyle
Location All Saints', Cotgrave, Nottinghamshire

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Rebcca Odames

I learned to ring at the age 42 after my sister started ringing a few years earlier at her local tower in The Cotswolds. At first I couldn’t understand why we had to find out when the local churches were ringing during family holidays, but since I started ringing, we are now finally on the same page !

 I was quite a quick learner when it came to bell handing, but was advised on a course a few months later that my handling wasn’t right and I needed to count my place and not just learn the numbers. 

 It was a breakthrough moment when it all became clear and I then turned my attention to other new ringers who had been in the same situation as me just a few months before. 

 Someone mentioned ART to me a few years later and I went on a Mod 1 course in 2018. It provided me with all the tools to start teaching and I was keen to get started straight away.

 I taught my first learner in 2019 and soon after Covid stuck. Not to be deterred, I started again in 2022 with two new ringers and when more people wanted to learn, I encouraged other experienced ringers at my tower to attend a Mod 1 course. Ringers from surrounding towers have also attended the course and we now have an active group of teachers and new ringers within a few miles of each other. 

 Being a mentor has provided me with further experience and I find that every new ringer, has something new to teach me too.

 Having come to ringing later in life, I find it easy to relate to new ringers struggles. Seeing them succeed has been a great achievement. 

 I am an Operations Coordinator for a large high street retailer and in my spare time I like exploring areas of historical interest and natural beauty in my spare time. I am also a keen hill and mountain walker. 

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